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Kids Prov 123© is a children's improv television show performed in front of a live studio audience.  Skits, songs and games are driven by suggestions from in-studio and on-line (virtual) audiences. More...

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Kids Prov 123 websitewebsite: http://www.kidsprov.com

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This series is no longer available for pick-up. Please contact us for information about other available series.

Deep in the Florida Everglades, 84 year old, Stan Gober has hosted charity events for non-profit organizations at his restaurant and bar for 40 years.  Now he wants to do much more than just that.  Through his songs, humor, wisdom, wit and good cheer, Stan now wants to motivate others to join him in helping people in need.  Visiting Stan's Idle Hour is a unique experience.  Meeting Stan Gober is unforgettable.  Following the activities of people helping people makes Buzzard Bay South life changing.  

(A new life-changing reality TV series formatted in 30 minute episodes.)
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What happens when you vacation with a family of thirteen composed of middle-age parents, newlyweds, young adults, teenagers and young children?  What happens when you painstakingly reach your vacation destination  and nobody is having fun?  You get Anderson Family Vacations with all the drama, tension, turmoil and comedy of an American family.  Join the Andersons as they visit both popular and obscure vacation destinations to report from the scene.  Each episode focuses exclusively on a single destination as it is brought to life through the eyes and "reality" experiences of the wide-ranging Anderson family.  Wait until you see what happened in "Vegas"!

(A docu-style reality TV series formatted in 30-min episodes with one-hour specials.)
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Queensryche, Warrant, and Jimi Jamison  are just a few of the rock legends who answer the question "What were you thinking when you wrote that song?" and perform in front of a live audience in an intimate club-like setting. Join Real Rock Stories hosted by Jack McKissock, a 24-year veteran of radio and TV, in this "Actor's Studio" type program.

(An interview/intimate performance TV series formatted in 30-min episodes.)
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Real Rock Stories website: http://realrockstories.com

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No Trespassing dares to go beyond the Do Not Enter signs to explore those empty places time's forgotten.  How did they close?  Who owns them?  Why were they abandoned?  What is their future?  From deserted amusement parks to mothballed WW2 sea forts.  No Trespassing gets to the heart of each and every story and goes where every urban explorer would love to follow. And they'll get a chance to do just that: viewers will be encouraged to submit videos about hidden places they're most intrigued by, and the best will be invited to join the No Trespassing crew on location.
No Trespassing!  Once visited, never forgotten!

(A documentary TV series formatted in 30-min episodes.)
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